Frequently Asked Questions

What is noobaid?
  • Noobaid is a platform that helps I.T. professionals solve problems.
Noobaid vs StackOverflow -Can I compare them?
  • As an example, try to compare Facebook and LinkedIn. Similar concepts but different purposes. Below are the highlight of the differences between Noobaid and StackOverflow:
    • (1a) StackOverflow experts can point you in the right direction. (1b) Noobaid experts can log into your machine to solve problem.
    • (2a) StackOverflow is question and answer. (2b) Noobaid is interactive and conversational.
    • (3a) StackOverflow focuses on solutions to problems. (3b) Noobaid builds network of people that can help each other.
    • (4a) StackOverflow is public. (4b) Noobaid Network is private.
As an expert, how much time do I have to commit?
  • There are no time requirement. Set your schedule to reflect your availability and you will be contacted only when you are free.
For experts, what are the consulting terms and rates?
  • As an expert, you can set your own prices depending on your skillset and experience. You can also choose to offer classes in the knowledge sharing area just to promote yourself. Noobaid takes a flat rate of 5% of revenue.
Why is login required?
  • Login is required because we offer live sessions and we must plan so that we don't overfill the maximum number of seats allowed by our teleconferencing technology. For one-on-one sessions, experts require login as communication channel to prepare for session.
How quickly do I have to respond to requests?
  • Because noobaid provides quick help, you will be notified immediately a request is made and we require that you notify us immediately if you wish to decline the request.
Can I Contribute to Noobaid Work?
  • I.T professionals who wish to contribute to noobaid should fill the technical advisors' request form. Once approved, applicants can participate and contribute to the direction of noobaid.
Where Did Noobaid Come From?
  • Noobaid has have been in the Washington DC area doing technical recruitment and running Linux training as in the same office in Greenbelt, MD. Over the years, we noticed the trend in the industry by looking at the support that we offer graduate students who have been working as Linux Administrators and Engineers. It turns out that the market has a lot more demand than the human resources available to do the work. So we started doing some contracting work. Well, there is only so much available idle resource in the area. Consequently, the next attempt is to reach out to a wider audience and that is what we are now doing with noobaid.